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Resplice Child development center.

The resplice child development centre is a special care school for autistic and other special needs kids. Our centre focuses on developing self-help skills for children with special needs so they can lead independent lives. We use various techniques like ABA, Occupational Therapy, speech therapy, special education, art therapy, music therapy, cognitive behaviour therapy, and psychoanalytic therapy

Dr. Chandrashekhar Thodupunuri

Dr Chandrashekhar Thodupunuri, Founder and director of Providence Microbiome research center, resplice autism research foundation.

Dr Chandrashekhar is a cardiologist passionate about autism and gut microbiome research for personal reasons. His particular emphasis is on the role of the gut microbiome in human epigenetics. He is researching the effect of environmental toxins on the human gut microbiome and its consequence on human epigenetic mechanisms resulting in various diseases. He believes that pesticides, weedicides, industrial toxins, and food adulteration is the main reason behind the rise in autism numbers. He is conducting umbilical cord blood toxicology studies, toxicology studies on pregnant women’s blood and meconium studies to explore the uterine environment causing autism. He is also running an ICMR-approved clinical trial, “faecal microbiota transfer therapy for autism”. He believes that faecal microbiota transfer therapy can improve the quality of life of autistic children, and N acetylcysteine in the antenatal program could prevent autism. He is conducting necessary research in that direction

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