Resplice Reconnect Center

Resplice Reconnect center is a model clinic that is being used as an incubator for developing an easy technique for doctors to administer FMT with minimal handling of donor stool samples. This clinic also guides and trains parents for DIY FMT under medical supervision. Resplice reconnect centre will become operational after preliminary results of GSRT trials are satisfactory.

Services Offered:
Guide and train parents to do DIY FMT ( do it yourself faecal microbiota transfer therapy) Microbiome testing and epigenetic testing before and after FMT to test efficacy of FMT in reversing epigenetic errors in autism.

1.FMT clinical trials

2. Right to try programs

3.Expanded access programs

4.Microbiota bank

MICROBIOTA BANK: providence microbiome research center is developing a microbiota bank which will supply ready to use screened frozen human gut microbiota products for ulcerative colitis and clostridium difficile patients and for research purposes in autism, parkinsons disease, Alzheimer’s disease, psychiatric illnesses, chrons disease, IBS

H no:5-98/RM/6, beside rainbow Maedows villas,near ellenki engineering college,kishtareddypet village,Ameenpur mandal,Sangareddy district,Telangana state,India 502319

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